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set down your eyes,
give me your heart
let down your guard,
we're back to the start.
give me everything you have,
we'll make it if we close our eyes
and don't let go until the end
we'll jump and make it if we try.
watch the water
watch your guard
hold your gaze
hold your heart.
i promise you i wont drop down alone
if you promise me you'll do the same.
we can make it if we close our eyes
and hear the beating in our ears.
watch the water
watch your guard.
hold your gaze
hold on to your heart.
:iconuntilxforeverxends:untilxforeverxends 1 1
three words ive never heard.
:iconuntilxforeverxends:untilxforeverxends 1 0
Carter: Hey heyy heyyy, how's my favorite banana cream? -hugs-
Me: -is hugged- She's being squished!
Carter: -lets go quickly- Sorry, honey bunch, guess this tarantula doesn't know his own beeline!
Me: -raises eyebrow- Okay..
Carter: So, licorice cake, I heard you and that adorable boy, Tayler, were having some arguments..
Me: -shrug- You have any idea why he's been so pissed lately?
Carter: I dunno.. did you like call his beaver a dandy leopard or sumthin??
Me: Uh...
Carter: Don't 'uh' me! Do I look like an octopus's mother?!
Me: Carter...?
Carter: Oh, that's right, cat, you be diggin that jazzy narwhal.
Me: ...O_O
Carter: Like the mountaineers of the strawberry fountain said, never eat pie when it's low fat and dipped in a hornet's jelly.
Me: Um.. I'm just gonna leave now, okay?
Carter: -still mumbling to himself- But could a jelly bean's purple tart still work in France? -is perplexed-
Me: -exits room quickly-
:iconuntilxforeverxends:untilxforeverxends 3 12
made to be loved
You were made to be loved
and I'm here to love you,
no matter what happens,
no matter how you feel,
no matter what you do-
I'll always love you.
:iconuntilxforeverxends:untilxforeverxends 2 0
Shower Fresh
D: -reading  deodorant- 'Invisible dry, shower fresh- dare to wear black!' -smells tube- Hmm, how do they know what shower fresh smells like?
:iconuntilxforeverxends:untilxforeverxends 1 21
thats not my name :O
C: So.. Taylor...
T: -gasp!- NO!
C: what?? -looks confused-
T: it's not 'Taylor'!
C: ugh, does it matter? -sighs-
T: yes, it does matter! -looks hurt-
C: but its just an O! It's like OR..
T: that's not my name!
C: -has that song by the tingtings in my head now- What's the difference?!
T: say my name.
C: Tayler.
T: see?!
C: so..? it's an ER...-frowns-
T: yeshhh! exactly!!
C: so it's ER and not Or.. okay..
T:you contradicted yourself!
C: what?
T: see?! -points-
C: -sighs- geezus crust, Tayler!
T: -smiles- Thank you.
C: -is dazed-
T: -grins, leaves room-
C: -slams head on desk- What that was about, I'll never know..
:iconuntilxforeverxends:untilxforeverxends 1 1,375
T: say awesometastic.
C: awesometastic.
T: i wanna super awesometastic space crocodile!
C: me, too.
T: think yerr dad could buy us one?
C: i hope so..
T: -looks hopeful-
C: -sighs- But then I'd have to take care of it.. what if it eats me?
T: umm.. then I guess I'D be the only one with a space crocodile! -grins and squeals-
C: ugh. -facepalms-
:iconuntilxforeverxends:untilxforeverxends 1 8
love me all wrong
pull me closer, snap me in two, love me until i bust at the seams.
leave me lying there, bleeding everything out.
and once you're ready, please do it again.
is it bad that this is the anthem of my heart?
:iconuntilxforeverxends:untilxforeverxends 1 0
If you're listening..
Non-existent lovers seem to be all too common these days.
Empty beds, empty arms, empty hearts, empty words, empty mouths, empty souls..
Sing me to sleep, leave me tied with your arms, never let me go..
:iconuntilxforeverxends:untilxforeverxends 2 0
Dance or Die by untilxforeverxends Dance or Die :iconuntilxforeverxends:untilxforeverxends 3 7
Push Me Off
C: Damnit, Tayler! I'm sleepy
T: Damnit, gorgeous, I'm not a pillow!
:iconuntilxforeverxends:untilxforeverxends 0 4
Two to Shower?
C: I think Imma shower..
T:When..? -looks up-
C: Prolly like.. right now?
T: -nods- Oh, cool. I'll come with.
C: -facepalms-
:iconuntilxforeverxends:untilxforeverxends 0 0
Watching You Sleep
I wish you knew how you kept me up late at night, making me wonder and worry about you. It's a wonder you don't wake up and notice, since I'm laying next to you in bed. I still laugh when I think of it that way, forgetting that that's how it's always been. You're my best friend and it was never weird.. until we started losing our innocence.
I know this sounds odd, but I'm watching you sleep. I'm watching your chest rise and fall with each breath you take, listening to the soft hum of your would-be snoring..
I'm jealous of you, the way you can delve into a darkness, an escape from this real world, for just a few hours. I'd be luck to steal back a few seconds.
You're beautiful, you know that?
It's something I've always admired about you, something I've always envied. How could someone as handsome as you bother wasting your life away with me?
But that's right..-sighs- You're not wasting away with me. You're not here, noticing what you're doing to me. You're off somewhere else with someone
:iconuntilxforeverxends:untilxforeverxends 0 0
could you fix my wings? by untilxforeverxends could you fix my wings? :iconuntilxforeverxends:untilxforeverxends 2 0 Hold Me, Please? by untilxforeverxends Hold Me, Please? :iconuntilxforeverxends:untilxforeverxends 3 0 xxLonelyxx by untilxforeverxends xxLonelyxx :iconuntilxforeverxends:untilxforeverxends 3 0


A Moment Suspended In Time by xMEGALOPOLISx A Moment Suspended In Time :iconxmegalopolisx:xMEGALOPOLISx 32,892 2,961 Alexandre Evans: Winter by xl-dropdead-lx Alexandre Evans: Winter :iconxl-dropdead-lx:xl-dropdead-lx 2 0 KellyEdwards by xl-dropdead-lx KellyEdwards :iconxl-dropdead-lx:xl-dropdead-lx 1 0 Music is an art by Alephunky Music is an art :iconalephunky:Alephunky 3,336 235 I Drew Ingle by xbooshbabyx I Drew Ingle :iconxbooshbabyx:xbooshbabyx 166 90 hmm.. by divinelyxintervene hmm.. :icondivinelyxintervene:divinelyxintervene 12 3 Dead Man Walking by TokioMartini4 Dead Man Walking :icontokiomartini4:TokioMartini4 1 2 My Blood: Simon Jace by xxXXCheshireXXxx My Blood: Simon Jace :iconxxxxcheshirexxxx:xxXXCheshireXXxx 356 325 Pin my Heart by brightcrayoninthebox Pin my Heart :iconbrightcrayoninthebox:brightcrayoninthebox 1 0 Forbidden Love by dianar87 Forbidden Love :icondianar87:dianar87 681 197
Skater Boy
“Mom, change the station,” I commanded as I reached for the buttons on the car radio.
    “Stop it. I like this song,” she said. I sat besides her in the passenger’s seat. Avril Lavigne sang through the speakers. No one could escape her voice; even I couldn’t, with my ipod head phones blasting. I stared out the window, trying desperately to think of something else, something other than him. But his face is all my mind could come up with.
    “He was a boy, she was a girl could I make it any more obvious. He was a-” My mind faded and all I could see was that day out on a camping trip….
   “I’m not going to walk through the river!” I shrieked. I followed him away from the tents and cabins to a shallow part of the river, secluded from the camp ground. He stood a good five feet into the river, the water up to his shins.
    “It’s not deep!” h
:iconallofmyconfusion:allofmyconfusion 16 31
Just give me a chance
To make things right.
Sit close to me
In the firelight.
It was over a year ago.
You were young.
So was I.
Neither of us knew.
We know now,
But things were different then.
You were you,
And I was me.
Now I'm not sure who we are.
But there was that night,
That night where everything was clear.
We danced,
Danced in the moonlight
Like wolves on a hunt.
And then I was gone,
Leaving you alone,
Fending for yourself.
What happened after that
Is just a blur for me.
Everything was silent.
I was alone.
You were alone,
But now we're together.
Does that count for anything?
The embers glowing bright
Chase away the night.
Sit close to me
In the firelight.
:iconjesusroxgirl:jesusroxgirl 1 15
Sea of Faces
Broken hearts
And shattered dreams,
All around me
The shadows scream.
I cannot grasp
The judgemental torment
Brought by the asp
To bite my neck.
In and out
These people come.
None of them
See me run.
To him and her
I ask for comfort.
I receive the same answer,
Society's flaw.
Where can I go
With so many dark places?
There are so many masks
In this sea of faces.
:iconjesusroxgirl:jesusroxgirl 2 8
Scar and a mouse by Satsura-san Scar and a mouse :iconsatsura-san:Satsura-san 9 8 my two loves by xXxShimmyxXx my two loves :iconxxxshimmyxxx:xXxShimmyxXx 1 3
When Two Strangers Meet
Glimmering faces,
Misguided chases,
A bump in the night,
Unknown traces.
Two strangers did meet,
Both pulled up a seat.
Before they knew it,
They were in too deep.
A line here is drawn,
Chased by the sun.
The moon lights the path
For the midnight run.
Over the shadows,
Across the meadows,
Two friends are walking,
With life in the gallows.
Don't start to cry.
Read between the lines.
Things are too interesting
For this friendship to die.
:iconjesusroxgirl:jesusroxgirl 2 23



do i need one?
United States
Love is my comeuppance.
Heartbreaking, isn't it?
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"..Can you help me understand?

And now you wish that you meant something

And now you wish that you meant something to somebody else

And now you wish that you met someone

And now you wish that you meant something to somebody else .."

i love that song..
even cooler when dasia sings it, haha

and like... "if you were a crayon in a crayon box, what color would you be?"

max: id be blue.. cuz it's easy on the eyes.


mwahahha i love them.

but i miss ronnie

and my new friend

-is sad-

so yeah... just felt like updating this thing..

need to listen to more music.

"Can I fold that fer you??"


lol :heart: out


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